14th February 2014 at 12:38


Finally, after almost two months of struggling with the bureaucracy and “getting-visa” stuff  I finally received my residence permit and made it to Slovenia! Yay! It has been more than two weeks since I arrived and so far my impressions are very good :) Hope to keep it that way by the end of the summer and end of my project!

As people keep on telling me, I have missed so many things happening here, in Kamnik and in the Youth Centre Kotlovnica, a tiny part of which I am now… The working season of Kotlovnica finished in the end of May, and the new season begins in October. So I arrived just for the holiday time. The only and last event organized by Kotlovnica I managed to catch this season was the youth exchange “E-Nature” (more details  Fortunately, at least I participated in the best part – the farewell party, with very interesting workshops ;)

Just after the youth exchange I went to the on-arrival training, which was held in Bohinj Hostel pod Voglom, just above the Bohinj Lake. I stayed there for almost a week with other newly arrived volunteers.  We had the best time ever, but that’s a whole different story I will tell a bit later! :)

After such an intense beginning I have started to get to know Kamnik, Slovenia, Slovenians, their language and habits. And the most importantly – to have some clarity on what exactly I will be doing and may accomplish here during the next two months.

So, I’m keeping up the inspirations and looking forward to further experiences at my EVS project and in Slovenia!

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Чекаємо з нетерпінням наступних дописів :)
08.07.2011 at 22:22
Unfortunately :( Yeah, have to move really fast!
08.07.2011 at 08:31
wow. only 2 month. have to be very concentrate
07.07.2011 at 23:15
Thaaanks! :) Aitah Andrii! 5 hvulun svij leksukon na kilkoh movah zgadyvala :D
07.07.2011 at 22:30
Tubli! :)
07.07.2011 at 21:57
Way to go! Have fun! Enjoy your time in beautiful Slovenia!! Keep us posted!! :D
07.07.2011 at 21:45


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